ximica was born during a serene and considered escape from reality in which Spain-based creative & wearer of many hats, Ximena Lagoa Borges, found herself connected to the deepest levels of living.

ximica is a small-wear brand inspired by humble appreciation of the everyday. Awoken by the realization that anything can become your own precious experience—ximica is brought to life with the idea that true joy is hiding in-plain-sight going unnoticed unless pointed out. Fresh eggs, red wine, home grown vegetables, a friendly conversation with your neighbor, a hike to an unknown location, a dip in the river, a sunset.

Dreamt up in a little village in Galicia yet designed to grow on the world, ximica values quality over quantity and slowness over speed.

Crafted with an environmental conscious approach and a collaboration oriented mindset, ximica pieces transcend trends by growing old with its wearer and being cherished for what they are: treasured possessions without any true replica. Unique, graceful and simple too. And always always from the heart.